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Health & Safety

Despite state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing systems: the top priority in our work is always people. It is our main concern accordingly to protect our workers from accidents and illnesses.

Occupational safety – for the protection of our greatest asset

The field of occupational safety is probably the only area in which the target we set is zero: no on-the-job accidents! To achieve this, we look ahead to avoid risks, and inform and educate our staff early enough so that they can also avoid accidents away from the workplace. This includes encouraging them to find a good work-life balance: recharge their batteries when they have time off so that they can be highly motivated and alert at work.

Certified health management

If incidents do occur, the injured and ill are given the best possible support and time they need to recover and be reintegrated rapidly. Management and line managers are responsible for detecting risks early as well as monitoring and communicating them and defining and implementing preventive measures. This emphasizes the priority we give this area.

It goes without saying that our workers are also co-responsible for preventing work-related accidents and occupational illnesses. We accordingly offer them regular courses on current safety regulations and guidelines.

We are committed to complying with all relevant legal regulations and requirements and take all necessary and appropriate measures according to the latest state-of-the-art. We cultivate a mutually acceptable relationship with interested internal and external stakeholders.

To this end, we have implemented an in-depth occupational health and safety management system - certified to ISO45001.

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