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Electric arc furnace slag is produced as a by-product of steel making in the electric arc furnace. Processed as a granulate, it is an excellent recycled construction material due to its rock-like qualities and physical properties.

Electric furnace slag: a by-product as an excellent recycled building material

The electric arc furnace slag (EAF slag) produced during the manufacture of unalloyed and low-alloy steel is very similar to the mineral concrete waste of concrete demolition in regard to their chemical and construction properties. As a granulated material, it is of particular interest for use in subbases and bases for road beds or for base plates.

The use of EAF slag as a recycled building material is explicitly permitted but is subject to certain criteria. In Switzerland, its use is governed by the Swiss "Ordinance for the Avoidance and Disposal of Waste."

Products made of EAF aggregate can be purchased directly from us or from the company PK Bau AG.

The following by-products are produced during our steel making operations:

Aggregate of EAF slag with concrete granulate

The product EAF granulate UG 0/45 with concrete aggregate is a SN 670 119-NA (SN EN 13242 / SN EN 13285) certified product. It is excellent for use in road bed construction.

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EAF coarse black

The product EAF 0/80 is primarily used as a stable road bed material and is outstanding in the following applications:

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EAF fine black

The product EAF 0/30 is used for fine grading under roads and squares.

Useful Downloads

Guidelines: Re-use of electric arc furnace slag (EAF-slag) [German only]

Data sheet "Safe Use of Electric Arc Furnace Slag" [German only]

Manufacturer's Declaration [German only]

SwissBlock® product brochure [German only]

Certificate EN 13242:2002 + A1:2007 [German only]

Certificate SN670 119-NA:2011 [German only]

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