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Our goal is to constantly develop our special steel solutions and processes. This way, we want to keep improving and keep moving to the forefront. To achieve this, we also rely on strong partnerships.

Committed to progress - for you

The focus at Steeltec is both on the development of high-strength and higher-strength special steels and on specialties for drawing mills, peeling plants, cold forming mills, forging stores, wire drawing mills and the construction sector. We network and bundle our material, tooling and plant expertise for you. We want to work with you to find the best steel solution for your specific application and manufacturing process. Only in this way can we optimally meet your expectations with our service and quality performance. Together with you, we would like to develop further.

Consideration of business and ecological aspects drives us to achieve top performance for the benefit of our customers. We have many years of experience in the development of special steel products. Our experienced development engineers manage innovations. They have broad expertise and a strong global network with leading research institutions. They drive the desired change by translating project goals and coordinating the various project participants in a goal-oriented manner. By involving external resources, we are able to draw on the skills of world-leading specialists in all areas of expertise. This enables us to work efficiently, flexibly and in a solution-oriented manner.

Exemplary: OptProKomp development partnership

In a joint project with VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH, Münster University of Applied Sciences (Mechanical Engineering Department) and Eich Rollenlager GmbH, Steeltec is working on researching and optimizing a process chain for the manufacture of components for machine and plant engineering for extreme static and dynamic stresses. By means of an innovative thermally and mechanically optimized hot forming process adapted to the required material properties of the component and the production process at the end manufacturer, ultra-fine-structured steels with optimum properties adapted to the stresses are to be produced with significantly reduced energy input.

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We act professionally and reliably and realize innovations efficiently. In our development projects, we strive for a close, trusting partnership and thus create the basis for further joint, successful future work.

Process development with professional tools

New products require either new or modified processes. In development, we develop the fundamentals of how the processes are to be controlled or modified in order to achieve the required product properties. Increasing needs of our customers or markets are the driving forces here. Together with our Customer Service, Steel and Rolling Mill, we work continuously on the further development of our manufacturing processes. The focus here is on customer benefits.

For product development, we have numerical and practical simulation capabilities for key process steps. These tools allow us to simulate current and possible future processes in a practical way.

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Head of New Business and Innovation

Dr. Heiko Haupt-Peter

Tel. +41 41 209 5268

We’re here for you.