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Customer instruments: Alloy and scrap surcharge updates

Welcome to the Steeltec customer center! On this page you will find current information about our rolling program, as well as alloy and scrap surcharges. Three days before the end of the month you can check the future surcharges here.

Scrap and alloy surcharges and our current rolling program

Here you will find the current alloy and scrap surcharges. For deliveries from the 1st of the month, the following scrap surcharges (SZ) and alloy surcharges (LZ) are calculated in the attachment procedure.

We will provide future alloy and scrap surcharges before the end of the month.

Please note

The procurement price for scrap is calculated in the calculation on the basis of the average warehouse selling price for scrap grade 2/8 (nationwide) published by the BDSV in the previous month with a markup. The markup corresponds to the average gap between the average purchase price determined by the German Steel Federation (Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl) used in the past and the average warehouse selling price of the BDSV in 2015 and is explained in particular by the additional costs for processing, brokering and transporting the scrap.


Surcharges December 2023
Surcharges bright steel Swiss Market December 2023
Surcharges construction December 2023
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