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Our contract business

It is also true of standard steels: no material is like another. And our customers' areas of application are always extremely varied. Our advantage: flexibility!

With our customized services, we produce the right product for every requirement. In our contract business division, we take on a wide range of tasks. Steeltec takes pride in an extensive product range. We accordingly focus our production on high processing capabilities. This includes pre-fabricated short lengths, weight-related forgings and semi-finished products that we manufacture specifically to customer request and specification.

An overview of our contracting options

Our heat treatment is in particular specialized in producing high strength grades. Steeltec is also an expert in quenching and tempering piping. In general, we can react to almost all special requests and thus offer our customers a variety of contracting options, including:

  • Contract peeling
  • Contract drawing
  • Contract heat treatment (quenching and tempering, normalizing, soft annealing, stress relief, etc.) on one of the two single-bar heat treatment system or in the continuous furnace, depending on the process
  • Contract pre-fabrication (short lengths, centered short lengths, weigh-related fixing pieces, etc.
  • Contract grinding
  • Contract testing (crack tests, ultrasound tests, etc.)
  • Or combinations of several of these processes depending on customer wishes.

Are you interested in one or several services in our contract work portfolio? Please contact us!

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