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Accredited testing laboratories

Professional production goes hand-in-hand with professional quality assurance. In our labs, we are able to analyze the composition, determine the mechanical characteristics and characterize the microstructure of a wide range of components and products from the world of steel.

Accredited testing laboratories for assured quality

In our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test labs (STS 0026), we conduct chemical, mechanical and metallographic inspections. This ensures that we also comply with customer requirements and lay the foundation for improving the production process. Proof of the quality of our testing is provided by quality assurance in the form of accompanying and interlaboratory comparison tests. Our labs are equipped to be state-of-the-art and available for studies on behalf of external customers.

Testing services

The tests we run most frequently for our customers include tensile tests, Charpy V-notch impact tests, Vickers/Brinell/Rockwell hardness tests, analyses of steel purity, analyses of steel, grain size and layer thickness.

Our test activities include but are not limited to:

  • Hardness tests under loads ranging from 0.25 g to 3000 kg (HRC, HBN, HV and low-load HV)
  • Tensile tests with a maximum load of 1600 kN (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and reduction in area)
  • Notched bar impact-bending test at temperatures down to -60 C (450 J pendulum impact tester)
  • Metallographic testing (case depth, micrographs and structural analyses, grain size, degree of purity, damage analyses, etc.)
  • Chemical steel analyses (spectrometer analysis, wet-chemical analyses, etc.)
  • Calibration lab (length, starting moment, temperature, weight, roundness and roughness) – not accredited
  • Damage analyses of steel samples, incl. SEM/EDX – not accredited
  • Manufacture of test samples according to standard or customer request
  • Bending tests of concrete reinforcing steel bars – not accredited

Accredited areas

The current scope of the accreditation comprises mechanical tests, metallurgical testing and spectrometry. Preparing samples means various sample shapes can be manufactured mechanically according to standard or customer request for subsequent testing.

Strict regulations guarantee that the right measuring and test equipment is used for the appropriate test methods and that all required quantities to be measured including all measuring uncertainties are taken into account. Our accreditation is based on regular conformity assessments by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS.

Non-accredited areas

The non-accredited area responsible for monitoring inspection, measuring and test equipment manages all equipment and devices used in testing (gauges, micrometers, etc.) in Emmenbrücke and for external customers. We also conduct calibrations of length meters, torque wrenches, dial gauges, scales and pyrometers. Certain tests correspondingly identified in the range of services are also not accredited.

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