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Top700: Higher strength reinforcing steel

The higher strength microalloyed concrete reinforcement steel allows more flexibility and stability for highest requirements, developed by Swiss Steel in Switzerland. Stronger steel for slim structures and cost-effective construction.

Top700, with a yield strength more than of >700 N/mm2 this special steel is ideally suited for:

  • earthquake-proof applications
  • heavily reinforced components
  • precast concrete components
  • columns
  • warehouses

Increasing strength and reducing steel quantities

Top700 solves several challenges other concrete reinforcement steels cannot. Thanks to the higher yield strength of >700N/mm2, Top700 overcomes technical boundary conditions, such as space problems with the reinforcement or aesthetical challenges, such as reduction of the concrete cross-section. And it comes head-on with economic advantages, because due to its higher strength, up to 40% less steel is required, saving money on several ends: reduced quantity, reduced machining efforts, less transport. The latter also a welcome factor from an environmental standpoint.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Yield strength of >700N/mm2
  • Higher strength rebar - 40% stronger than conventional B500B
  • Allows reduction of steel needed due to higher strength
  • Allows slimmer and more streamlined structures

Approvals and related applications for Top700

  • Approvals: SIA 262: 2013 (Swiss standard): Top700, listed in "Register of standard-compliant concrete steels"

Civil engineering and underground projects

  • Columns (e.g. centrifugally cast concrete)
  • Heavily reinforced components

Building construction projects

  • Precast concrete components
  • Warehouses
  • Earthquake proof applications

High-strength Top700 means less steel for the reinforcement

New possibilities of architectural design are opening up: slimmer construction with better use of space and less weight. The workload in prefabrication and on site is reduced because less steel is needed. It is easier to comply with the standard values for maximum rebar content in highly reinforced components. Reinforced concrete construction with Top700 does not require any special properties of the concrete.

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Higher strength reinforcing steel

Stronger steel for slim structures and cost-effective construction

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