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High-strength special steels

Staying competitive means continuously improving production processes to make them safer and more cost-effective. Our high-strength and higher strength special steels open up a whole range of options for boosting market competitiveness.

Manufacturers today have to supply ever more complex, precision-machined parts for use in challenging, high-stress applications and they have to be able to produce millions of these parts safely, reliably and with the same high level of quality for each part. Component fabrication costs make up the lion’s share of total process costs. Reducing these costs yields major benefits along the entire production chain and can be achieved with Steeltec’s high-strength and higher strength special steels ETG® and HSX®.

The high strength of these steels in their as-delivered state means that they do not need to undergo the additional processing operations, such as hardening, straightening, grinding and deburring, that are often required when using conventional QT steels. Not only does this lower actual component production costs, it also reduces expenditure in the areas of quality assurance and logistics. The entire manufacturing process becomes more time-efficient as a result.

ETG® for technically complex parts and production processes

Our high-strength ETG® steels exhibit high strength and excellent machinability even in their as-delivered state. They are also characterized by high fatigue strength and wear resistance. The presence of manganese sulfide results in short-breaking chips and the properties of these steels show a high degree of uniformity across different production batches. Users benefit from longer tool lives and reduced machine downtimes.

Product range

ETG® steels are available in various grades, designs and dimensions:

Steel categoryProcessSize range mm


ETG® 88drawn, round≥ 5,0 –
≤ 20,5
h 9

> 20,5 –
≤ 64,0
h 11

> 64,0 –
≤ 114,3
h 12

ground, round≥ 5,0 –
≤ 100,0
≥ IT 6
ETG® 100
drawn, round
≥ 6,0 –
≤ 64,0
h 11

> 64,0 –
≤ 70,8
h 12

ground, round
≥ 6,0 –
≤ 70,8
≥ IT 6
ETG® 88
drawn, hexagonal
SW 13 – 27
h 11
  • Bar lengths: 3 - 6,5 m
  • Colour coding end face: ETG® 88 white, ETG® 100 gold
  • peeled or peeled / ground on request
  • The common dimensions are available from stock
  • The surface fi nish and surface quality class 3 (hex: QC 2) as per EN 10277-1

Chemical and mechanical properties

Chemical composition

ETG® 88/100, melt analysis by mass in %







The analysis corresponds to SAE 1144 and 44SMn28 (1.0762).
Piece analysis and melt analysis may vary according to EN 10087, table 2.

Mechanical properties

Typical values - static

ETG® 88ETG® 100
DimensionsØmm5,0 – 114,36,0 – 70,8
Proof stress, drawnRp0,2N/mm2≥ 685≥ 865
Proof stress, groundRp0,2N/mm2≥ 685≥ 800
Tensile strengthRmN/mm2800 – 950960 – 1100
Ultimate elongationA5%≥ 7≥ 6
Reduction of areaZ%ca. 30ca. 20
Elastic modulusN/mm2ca. 200 000ca. 200 000
Tensile strength (transverse)


N/mm2ca. 600ca. 720
HRCca. 28ca. 32
HB 30ca. 280ca. 320
Lateral shear strengthƮsN/mm2ca. 510ca. 590
Torsional shear strengthƮtN/mm2ca. 440ca. 540
Notched impact energyAvRTJca. 25ca. 10

Typical values - dynamic

ETG® 88ETG® 100
Tension/compressionσwN/mm2ca. 350ca. 370
PulsatingσschN/mm2ca. 250ca. 270
Reverse bendingσbwN/mm2ca. 390ca. 420
Torsional reversalƮtwN/mm2ca. 195ca. 225
Torsional pulsatingƮschN/mm2ca. 345ca. 390


Brochure ETG® 88/100
Datasheet ETG® 88/100 English
Datasheet ETG® 88/100 French
Datasheet ETG® 88/100 Italian
Datasheet ETG® 88/100 Chinese

HSX® – the high-performance steel solution for precision parts in heavy-duty applications

Our higher strength HSX® steels are ideal materials for components that will be subjected to high load and stress levels. Their excellent machinability yields significant cost savings across the entire process chain.

Our HSX® 110 and HSX® 130 steels are the optimum choice when fabricating components that have to withstand high static and dynamic forces, such as gear components, cam shafts, drive shafts, or parts for hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Thanks to its outstanding toughness, HSX® Z12 is an ideal candidate for parts that have to withstand combined static and dynamic loads. Examples of components that have to transfer mechanical forces reliably while experiencing high impact stresses include hydraulic components, threaded connectors designed for specific torques and parts that are subject to high compressive loads.

Product range (HSX® 110 / 130 / Z12)

Steel categoryProcessSize range mmTolerance
HSX® 110drawn, round10 – 45h11
HSX® 130drawn, round17 – 55h11
HSX® Z12peeled, round18 – 62h11

Chemical and mechanical properties (HSX® 110 / 130 / Z12)

Chemical composition

Melt analysis % by weight (typical values)

HSX® 1100,390,751,400,035
HSX® 1300,181,201,600,15


HSX® Z120,181,201,600,151,200,30

Mechanical properties

Typical Values - Static

HSX® 110HSX® 130HSX® Z12
Proof stressRp0,2N/mm2min.9501200800
Tensile strengthRmN/mm2min.10501250950
HRCca. 35ca. 42ca. 31
HBca. 330ca. 395ca. 300
Notched impact energyAvRTJca.102040



Typical values - dynamic

HSX® 110HSX® 130HSX® Z12
Tension/compressionσwN/mm2ca. 485ca. 545ca. 485
PulsatingσschN/mm2ca. 385ca. 445ca. 385
Reverse bendingσbwN/mm2ca. 515ca. 585ca. 525

The fatigue limits were established on smooth specimens.


Datasheet HSX® 90 English
Datasheet HSX® Z10 English
Datasheet HSX® 110/130/Z12 English
Brochure HSX® 110/130/Z12 English
Datasheet HSX® 90 French
Datasheet HSX® Z10 French
Datasheet HSX® 110/130/Z12 French
Datasheet HSX® 90 Italian
Datasheet HSX® Z10 Italian
Datasheet HSX® 110/130/Z12 Italian
Datasheet HSX® 90 Chinese
Datasheet HSX® Z10 Chinese
Datasheet HSX® 110/130/Z12 Chinese

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