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We want to find the most suitable steel solution for your specific application. Together with our partners, we invest money, energy and strength to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to be able to manufacture parts with new requirements more rationally and safely.

Flexible rolled steel production

All our efforts are focused on meeting customer requirements. That is why our focus is on consulting and service. As a learning company, we strive for continuous improvement in all our business processes. Quality is the result of our efforts from the first contact with the customer, through product development and production, to use by the customer. With experienced specialists, we actively pursue quality assurance in all areas.

By networking with the entire value chain, we can tailor our production precisely to the requirements of processors and end-users, thus contributing to their market success.

Bright steel products made to measure

Looking at the end of the process chain is our top priority. Together with you, we go through all the influencing variables that affect the manufacture and functionality of your component. By optimally translating component requirements into material properties, we can match application requirements with the properties of our steels in a time-efficient manner and select the optimum process parameters. The result is an economically and qualitatively successful start of series production. You benefit from efficient development times, maximum output from your production and the strongest steel solution for your specific application.

Within the scope of the specifications, we can influence the chemical analysis, the mechanical properties and specific processing properties such as machinability, hardenability or bendability for you in a targeted manner. Contact us!

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Head of Customer Service Rolled Steel

Paolo Berti

Head of Customer Service Bright Steel

Dirk Ochmann

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Paolo Berti - Head of Customer Service Rolled Steel

Dirk Ochmann - Head of Customer Service Bright Steel