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Chain steel with high strength and weldability

Chain steels from Steeltec are used in the manufacture of a variety of heavy-duty, high-strength chains, such as tire protection chains, hoist chains and industrial chains. They are used in chain slings to fasten heavy loads as well as in the fishing, mining and forestry industries. Steeltec ensures that its chain steels meet the exacting demands of each specific industrial application.

To be able to manufacture chains that are both safe and robust, the engineering steel needs to exhibit both good formability and good weldability. The 21Mn5 steel from Steeltec is an unalloyed engineering steel that is used predominantly in bucket conveyors. 20MnNiCrMo3-3 steel is the solution of choice for users who need a steel that is suitable for manufacturing hoist chains.

Chain steels

Steeltec supplies chain steels of consistently high quality. Wherever industrial chains are in use there is risk to life and limb and safety is therefore paramount. Chain links have to be strong and cannot be allowed to fail. That is why at Steeltec we use in-line surface testing to ensure the best possible surface finish and why we work tirelessly to optimize both quality and homogeneity across its entire product portfolio. Crucial elements of this strategy are comprehensive documentation and continuous process analysis and process improvement.

The offered chain steels meet all the necessary properties according to the valid standard DIN 17115 for the production of high-quality round steel chains.

Product range

  • Wire rod in coils: D: 5,5 -50,0 mm (round)
  • Wire rod in coils: D: 17,7 -42,5 mm (hexagonal)
  • Bars in bundles: D: 16,0 -66,0 mm (round)
  • Bars in bundles: D: 17,7 -62,0 mm (hexagonal)

You can order your products in the following finishing options of your choice:

Wire rod

  • Untreated
  • Thermomechanically treated

Steel bars

must meet high requirements for straightness and absence of surface or internal defects.

  • Untreated
  • Rolled under normalizing conditions
  • Straightened / cut
  • Crack tested
  • Ultrasonically tested
  • Demagnetised
  • Material identification tested

Systematic checks throughout the production process guarantee a consistently high steel quality.

Examples of available grades

  • 21Mn5
  • 27MnSi5
  • MnNiCrMo steels, e.g. 23MnNiMoCr5-4-4
  • C22B+Ni
  • 20MnNiCrMo3-3

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