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Steels for strong, fracture-proof chains

Wherever industrial steel chains are used there is risk to life and limb – safety is a top priority and no chain link can be allowed to fail. Strength and resistance to fracturing are key properties if chains are to withstand the enormous forces they are subjected to. The steel used to manufacture these chains therefore has to show good ductility and good weldability.

Customized chemical analyses for safe and strong chains

In addition to a good surface finish, chain steels need to display strength and a proven resistance to brittle fracture. Other important properties include resistance to aging, wear resistance, cold shearability and cold workability. As chain steels have to be weldable, their carbon content is kept to around 0.25%. To increase the strength of the steel up to 1500 N/mm², the main alloying elements added are manganese, chromium, nickel and molybdenum. Aluminum is added to improve resistance to aging and to ensure a finer grain size. The toughness of the material is maintained by keeping the levels of tramp elements, such as phosphorus and sulfur, as low as possible.

Steeltec supplies chain steels to Europe’s market leaders, offering not only a large range of customizable compositions but also chain steels with different strengths and wear properties. Steeltec can supply both wire rod and bar stock. If a customer wants the steel to undergo further processing, Steeltec has a range of reliable partners who can perform these operations to meet our exacting quality standards.

Steeltec steels for chain manufacturers

  • Standard engineering steels, e.g. S235JR
  • Mn steels, e.g. 21Mn5
  • Mn-Si steels, e.g. 27MnSi5
  • Mn-Ni-Cr steels, e.g. 15MnNiCr4-2-2
  • Mn-Ni-Mo steels, e.g. 20MnNiMo5-2-2
  • Mn-Ni-Cr-Mo steels, e.g. 23MnNiCrMo5-4-4
  • Cr-Ni steels, e.g. 17CrNi6-6
  • B steels, e.g. 23B2
  • Mn-B steels, e.g. 20MnB4
  • Mn-Cr-B steels, e.g. 40MnCrB4
  • Mn-Ni-Cr-B steels, e.g. 28MnNiCrB5-2-2
  • Ni-B steels, e.g. C22B+Ni
  • Mn-V steels, e.g. 18MnV5
  • Cr-V steels, e.g. 51CrV4 

Steels for chain manufacturers

For safe and robust chains

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