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Steeltec - Committed to progress

Rolled and bright steel products are at the forefront of innovation in a wide range of industries. We want to maximize this positive contribution.

On the European long steel market Steeltec is one of the leading suppliers of quality, engineering and free-cutting steel solutions as well as special bright steel. As part of the Swiss Steel Group, the two Business Units Swiss Steel and Steeltec were merged in January 2021 to form a single Business Unit under the joint name Steeltec.

  • Steeltec employs around 1,000 people at its sites in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey.
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  • Based on more than 175 years of experience in steel production, high-quality special steels are produced for applications such as the automotive, machinery, hydraulics and apparatus engineering industries.
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  • Our direct customers include bar drawing mills, peeling plants, wire drawing mills, machining and cold forming companies as well as forges. Manufacturers of products for construction and mining are also among our clientele.
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  • The product portfolio of rolled and bright steel includes high-strength and higher-strength special steels (ETG & HSX) and XTP®-treated steels.
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  • Steeltec develops the demonstrably strongest steel solutions in close cooperation with the other business units of the Swiss Steel Group and in close collaboration with customers and research institutes.
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  • The basis for success is the continuous development of materials, processes, testing methods and technologies. Steeltec can rely on the worldwide distribution network of the Swiss Steel Group.
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Our manufacturing processes

Rolled steel: from scrap to high-quality steel

High-quality iron scrap, mainly from Switzerland, is melted down in our 80-ton electric arc furnace EAF. The secondary metallurgical processes then take place in the ladle furnace LF:

  • Alloying and micro-alloying of the melt
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Homogenization

In the next step, eleven meter long steel billets with an edge length of 150 mm are produced on the CCM continuous caster. They form the starting material from which long products in the form of rod and wire are manufactured, tested and further refined in the rolling mill.

Bright steel: The strongest steel solution

Drawing: In drawing, the rolled and descaled starting material is reduced in cross-section by plastic deformation; non-cutting cold forming takes place. The bright steel products produced by this process route are generally characterized by work hardening. After drawing, the bars are straightened by bending and counterbending in the elastic-plastic limit range on straightening lines.

Peeliing: Peeling is a machining process. While various cross-sectional shapes can be produced by drawing, peeled products are always round material. The advantage of peeled bright steel is that the surface is virtually free of starting material defects and edge decarburization. Both drawn and peeled bright steel can be given an even better surface finish and dimensional accuracy by additional grinding and polishing.

Quenching and tempering: For special customer requirements and targeted applications, it is possible to subject our bright steel products to heat treatment. We are able to carry out stress-relief annealing, soft annealing, +U+AC annealing and normalizing in a protective gas atmosphere in the temperature range from 560 °C to 900 °C. For the highest strength requirements, mechanical-technological properties that cannot be realized by conventional means can be set on our inductive single-bar annealing lines.

We measure ourselves by your satisfaction

All our efforts are focused on meeting customer requirements. That is why our focus is on advice and service. As a learning company, we strive for continuous improvement in all our business processes.

Quality is the result of our efforts from the first contact with the customer, through product development and production, to use at the customer's site. With experienced specialists, we actively pursue quality assurance in all areas.

Our employees are involved in corporate responsibility. Decisions are made at the level where the necessary information is available and where the consequences can be assessed.


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