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Steel solutions for the mechanical engineering

Every component manufacturer and every mechanical and plant engineering company has its own specific technical requirements, and still share common goals: efficient fabrication processes, compact engineering designs and robust high-performance technologies.

Steeltec develops and delivers outstanding high-performance steel solutions to meet these demands. Steels that are used in mechanical engineering applications have to exhibit high strength and be suitable for precision component fabrication. With their optimized machinability, Steeltec’s ETG® and HSX® special steels combine both of these properties. They are used, for example, to manufacture drive shafts that are capable of withstanding high forces while retaining excellent dimensional stability.

Special steels for compact engineering components that can withstand high loads

Steeltec’s special steel solutions allow design engineers the freedom to create compact designs that will deliver the required performance even under the most demanding load conditions. By using our steels, companies in the mechanical and plant engineering fields are able to produce more competitive products with lower maintenance requirements and reduced operating costs.

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Steel solutions for a wide range of applications

In the rolled steel sector, Steeltec supplies steels to manufacturers of linear technology (for example for monorails, telescopic guides and roller guides) and profile manufacturers.

The steel solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications, but in particular for:

  • Fasteners
  • Forged parts for machines (forks of forklift trucks)
  • Springs
  • Parts for shipbuilding and wind power (for example large screws)
  • Rail screws
  • Components for electricity production
  • Agricultural machinery


Our high-strength steels

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