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Steel for industrial strength chains

If a steel is to be used for manufacturing industrial chains, it has to have a high degree of formability and show good resistance to wear and good weldability. Steeltec not only offers chain steels that meet these demands, it also also supplies chain accessories as well.

Chain steels from Steeltec meet the strict criteria that finished chains have to meet in terms of surface quality, dynamic strength and operational safety. Alloying elements such as manganese, chromium and molybdenum guarantee that the finished heat-treated chain is both of high strength and high toughness. In addition to producing chain steels, Steeltec also supplies forging steel grades for the production of chain components such as hooks.

Steeltec steels for chain manufacturers

All of the chain steels that Steeltec offers meet the specifications in the DIN 17115 standard for welded round-link chains:

  • 21Mn5
  • 27MnSi5
  • Mn-Ni-Cr-Mo steels, e.g. 23MnNiMoCr5-4-4
  • C22B+Ni
  • 20MnNiCrMo3-3

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