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Materials for hydraulic applications

Only with steel that is precisely tailored to the area of application of a hydraulic system can a machine last for a long time, even under high pressure and changing loads.

Our steels ensure that hydraulic machines and equipment operate efficiently, have low maintenance requirements and deliver long-term economic benefits. Steeltec develops materials that are substantially stronger than the standard commercially available steels. Our steels have a carefully selected alloy composition to guarantee high material toughness. And our steel solutions already exhibit excellent mechanical properties in their as-delivered state.

High-quality special steel – the key to a low-maintenance hydraulic system with a long service life

The pressures in hydraulic equipment can often exceeds 500 bar. When continuous track vehicles or tractors are moving heavy loads, enormous forces are acting on all of the mechanical components – down to the smallest connector. As the importance of the hydraulics sector continues to grow, so too does its importance for us as a manufacturer of special steel solutions. For mobile heavy machinery and hydraulic equipment, the critical factor is achieving the right interplay between efficiency and productivity. Steeltec develops precisely customized material solutions for these types of heavy-duty applications.

High-strength steels that can withstand pressure pulses and varying forces

Our ETG® and HSX® special steels are a guarantee of premium quality and added value in robust industrial hydraulic systems. They are ideally suited for the manufacture of machine components that will be subjected to high static loads, pressure pulses and fluctuating forces. These sorts of components are found in the pumps, compressors and valves used in excavators, bulldozers and other heavy-duty construction vehicles. Our customers benefit from hydraulic systems with a long service life and low maintenance demands. Both ETG® and HSX® steels exhibit excellent machinability combined with high strength. As a result, our customers can fabricate components with outstanding precision and in a resource-efficient manner – given them a clear market advantage in the hydraulics sector.

Unlike conventional quenched and tempered steels, these special steels from Steeltec do not need to undergo post-machining heat treatment or any straightening, grinding or deburring operations. The result: shorter production times and lower parts costs. It also worth remembering that our steels already have all of their stated mechanical properties when delivered to the customer – and these properties are uniform across the entire material cross section and the full length of the product.

Free-cutting steels – Keeping everything connected

In Steeltec’s portfolio of rolled steel products, our free-cutting steels play a particularly important role for manufacturers of hydraulic components.

  • Round connectors
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Pins
  • Sleeves Connectors in brake hoses
  • Parts for the self-sufficient servo drive in the vehicle

Our high-quality products are the ideal choice when different components have to stay connected under high hydraulic pressures.

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