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High-strength steel for the automotive industry

High-performance special steels from Steeltec are called for wherever safety and sophisticated technology are of prime importance in the automotive sector.

Our high-strength and higher strength special steels are designed to handle the high pressures and extreme forces that automotive components are subjected to. Market comparisons show that our steels allow manufacturers to achieve greater efficiency while also enabling them to downsize components to produce parts that are both compact and dimensionally stable. Our sustainable approach to producing green steel solutions is also an important contributor to achieving environmental protection goals.

Maximum performance, minimum size: Future-proofing steel for the automotive sector

Our ETG® and HSX® special steel solutions ensure that vehicles and engines enjoy a long service life and low wear. These materials make a crucial contribution to developing sustainable, efficient and comfortable cars, utility vehicles and construction machinery. One of the reasons our steels are chosen is their extreme strength. Thanks to their improved machinability, automotive manufacturers can design more cost-efficient processes and more durable components. Compact, dimensionally stable and able to withstand high loads – special steels from Steeltec are contributing to sustainable forms of mobility based on the optimized use of modern technologies. As the world transitions from combustion engines to electric motors, steel will continue to play a crucial role in ensuring the reliable implementation of advanced automotive technologies. 

Case study: Increasing demands on drive shafts

“A drive shaft not only has to transmit higher torque levels as motor power increases, it also has to withstand greater alternating loads”, explains Dirk Ochmann, Head of Sales at Steeltec AG. “The material used has to be strong enough to cope with the heavy stresses the component will face in its operational environment.” The benefits become apparent when the material properties of Steeltec’s higher-strength HSX® 130 are compared with those of conventional steels commonly used in the mechanical engineering and automotive sectors. The unalloyed Q&T steel C45E steel is typically used for drive system components that are not subjected to heavy loads. For parts that have to withstand greater stresses, designers tend to select 42CrMoS4 steel.

Steel for safe and comfortable vehicles

Our rolled steel is used in the manufacture of numerous components that help to make cars and utility vehicles robust, safe to operate and comfortable to drive. These include essential forged parts, such as drag links, vacuum pumps and other brake system components, inner races and exhaust system elements. Cold-headed parts, such as threaded bolts, are used in automotive engines and chassis and as wheel bolts. But our steels are also used to fabricate suspension elements for trailer couplings and power windows.


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